The beer project:

- Science for a better brew -

What we do

We take a scientific approach to the art of brewing.
The craft has always been more about know-how, than know-why. We delve into the scientific understanding of what gives different beers their different properties, and aim to understand the connections between choices in the brewing process, the resulting flavor compounds, and how this finally affects the experience of drinking the beer.

Why we do it

We believe that brewing is a craft. Through scientific research, we believe that we can expand the understanding of how the components used in the brewing process affects the final beer and quantify the minute details in their combinations that makes the difference between a fine pint and a truly exceptional beer.

How we do it

To quantify the components of a beer in detail, we use nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy - similar to an MRI machine at the hospital - to give us a unique fingerprint for every sample. With many samples along with accurate recipes, we build a database of different beers, allowing us to look for patterns and trends, to see what compounds stem from which ingredients, and to discover new connections between process and product we have yet to understand.

Why we need you

To build a database collection of different beers with detailed recipes, we are in need of a large number of samples where we have knowledge of each ingredient and the brewing procedure used. We need far more samples than we can brew ourselves, and we wish to cooperate with both professional breweries and homebrewers in order to produce all the samples we need.

What's in it for you

If you are willing to share your beer and your knowledge with us, you can contribute to this amazing project and hopefully help increase our collective know-why of the brewing process. With enough people we can move mountains, and we plan on doing exactly that!
Besides: In how many scientific projects have you already participated?

How to help
If you have a spare deciliter of a beer, maybe even a full single bottle, and a recipe to go along with it, you have all we need! If you wish to contribute to our research, send it to us here at NTNU in Trondheim for analysis. Contact us for more detailed information.

Please contact us:

Brewology – Sem Sælandsvei 6/8, Kjemiblokk 3, 163 – Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, NTNU  – 7491 Trondheim


3550 L

Beer brewed


Home brewers participating


Industry cooperations


Professors, PostDocs, PhDs, Researcher, Lab engineers, and Master students working on the project